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30th Annual Forest Vegetation Management Conference and Registration: January 20-22 , 2009

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Integrated Pest Management In Western Forests

Agenda and Registration (PDK 261KB)


Facilitated Vegetation Management Discussion

Keynote Speaker: IPM, What is it and why use it?

Dr.  Joe DiTomaso, UC Davis


Future Threats to Western Forests

Susan Frankel, Pacific Southwest Research Station


Goat Vegetation Management

Wes Woolery, Wookery Vegetation Management, Hat Creek, CA


Managing Insects and Disease in Commercial Plantations

Bill Morrison, Soper Wheeler, LLC, Strawberry Valley, CA


Semiochemical Sabatoge: Exploiting Bark Beetle Behavioral Chemicals to Protect Forest Stands

Nancy Gillette, USDA Forest Service, PSW Research Station, Albany, CA


BASF Aerial Site Preparation

Harry Quicke, BASF Corp., Auburn, Alabama


Evaluation of Gopher Control Methods

Gregory Guisti, Forests & Wildlands Ecology Advisor, UC Coop Ext., Lakeport, CA


Stream Buffers: Can we get good Heat Protection with Less Buffer?

Dr. Mike Newton & Liz Cole, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR


Using the MtnRT Forecast System for Forest Management, Fire Weather, Agricultural Weather, and Precipitation.

Alan D. Fox, Fox Weather LLC, Fortuna, CA


Herbicide Resistance and Chemical Vegetation Management

Carol Mallory-Smith, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR


Managing Plantations in a Fire-Prone World. Can You Have Your Carbon and Use It, Too?

Dr. Robert F. Powers, Jianwei Zhang, & Dave Young, USDA Forest Service, PSW Research Station, Redding, CA


Seedling Caliper vs. Vegetation Control

Eric Dinger, VMRC Assistant Director, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR


Beyond Nitrogen

Doug Maguire and Doug Mainwaring, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR


Swiss Needle Cast

David Shaw, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR


Sudden Oak Death in Oregon

Alan Kanaskie, Oregon Department of Forestry, Salem, OR


Laws & Regulations

Label Registration Process

Jeff Birk, BASF Corp., RTP, North Carolina


Aerial Application A to Z

John Mateski, Western Helicopter


Pesticide Container Disposal

Brad Bittleston, Interstate Ag Plastics, Buttonwillow, CA