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2010 California Forest Pest Council 59th Annual Meeting

Monday, August 30th, 2010

“The Changing Forests of California”

Date: November 16 – 17, 2010
Time: Tuesday 16th – 11:30am to 7:30pm &  Wednesday 17th – 7:30am to 4:30pm

Meeting Overview:

Forest insect and disease issues and challenges will be presented and discussed, including topics on damaging insects and pathogens not yet found in California forests as well as climate change induced stress on pines.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to attend an evening poster session and social on 11/16.  Refreshments will be provided both meeting days, with lunch offered on the 11/17.

Tuesday, November 16 (all sessions are open to all interested)

Welcome and 2010 Forest Conditions – Overview
Insect Committee – Forest Insects in California
Disease Committee – Forest Diseases in California
Pesticides – Laws and Regulations
Posters and Social

Wednesday, November 17

California Forest Insect and Disease Challenges
Climate Change – How will Pines Fare?
Lunch – provided
CFPC Business Meeting
On the Lookout for Tomorrow’s Threats to California’s Forests
Southern CA Tree Mortality


Pacific SW Region, US Forest Service Wildland Fire Training & Conference Center
3237 Peacekeeper Way
McClellan, CA 95652
Click here for Driving Directions

Please Enter Through “Main Training Center Entrance” door noted on map.
Click here for Wildland Fire Training & Conference Center Map


Lions Gate Hotel
3410 Westover Street
Sacramento, (McClellan Park) CA, 95652

The Lions Gate Hotel ( is within walking distance from the CFPC meeting location at the Wildland Fire Training and Conference Center (3237 Peacekeeper Way; McClellan, CA  95652).  Lions Gate will be offering a hotel conference room rate until October 26, 2010 for attendees interested in overnight accommodations.  For reservations, contact Lions Gate Hotel at (916) 643-6222 and refer to the booking code: CFPC. Hotel check-in time is 3 p.m. and check-out time is 12 p.m.

Local Area Restaurants:

There are a variety of great restaurants near the Conference Center. Click here for a list of local area restaurants.

Pre-Meeting Announcements:

Don Dahlsten Memorial Scholarship

Poster Announcement

CFPC Annual Meeting Registration and Agenda Information:

Agenda: CFPC 2010 Annual Meeting Agenda

Registration: Choose either online or mail in registration

Online registration link:  CFPC Online Registration

Mail-in registration form: Check payments are also accepted by printing off the registration form (59th Annual Meeting Registration Form) and mailing in the registration.

Please make checks payable to CFPC and return to:
Kim Camilli
CDF Fire Station #12
635 N Santa Rosa
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405


Continuing Education Credits:

DPR Credits:
Day 1:   1.0 – Laws and Regulations, 2.5 – Other
Day 2:   5.0 – Other

SAF Credits:
Day 1:   4.0 – Category 1
Day 2:   5.0 – Category 1

Information on the Goldspotted oak borer (GSOB)

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Brief Summary Information on GSOB:

The goldspotted oak borer (GSOB), Agrilus coxalis Waterhouse, was first detected in 2004 in San Diego County California during an exotic woodborer survey.  In 2008 it was found in the same county attacking coast live oak, Quercus agrifolia, California black oak,  Q. keloggii and canyon live oak, Q. chrysolepis.  The area of infestation to date in southern California around the Cleveland National Forest.  These insects are aggressive and attack seemingly healthy trees.  The GSOB larvae feed under the bark primarily at the interface of the sapwood and phloem on the main stem and larger branches.  Larvae kill patches and strips of phloem and cambium, which result in limb and branch dieback and eventualy tree death.

Board of Forestry and Fire Protection Information:

A presentation on GSOB was presented to the Resource Protection Committee (RPC) on the status of the recently introduced invasive insect. The RPC requested that the CFPC advise the Board of Forestry & Fire Protection on possible actions that the Board could take to address this issue.

For more information on GSOB  and the memo and cover letter to the Board of Forestry by CFPC please see information below:

GSOB website:

California Firewood Website:

Don’t Move Firewood Website:

GSOB Signs/Symptoms Video:

GSOB ID Guide: GSOB Field Identification Guide

Tree Note 31: Goldspotted Oak Borer

CFPC and Board of Forestry & Fire Protection: Memo to Board of Forestry, Cover letter to the Board of Forestry

Adult beetle of GSOB