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Wednesday, November 20, 2013 

Welcome – Bob Rynearson, California Forest Pest Council (CFPC) Chairperson; W. M. Beaty and Associates

2013 Forest Conditions and Aerial Survey Report –  Zachary Heath, USDA Forest Service (FS), Forest Health Protection (FHP),  Tom Smith, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE)

Insect Committee Meeting

Walnut Twig Beetle:  Status of the National Detection Program and Update on Research in California – Steve Seybold, USDA FS, Pacific Southwest Research Station (PSW)

Phenology and Life History Characteristics of Mountain Pine Beetle and Jeffrey Pine Beetle– Barbara Bentz, USDA FS, Rocky Mountain Research Station

What We Know about Native Bee Populations in California’s Forests – Gordon Frankie, UC Berkeley

Disease Committee Meeting

Dispersal Limitation in Ectomycorrhizal Fungi from the Local to the Continental Scale – Tom Bruns, UC Berkeley

Identification, Occurrence, Incidence, and Associations of New Fungal Pathogens of Coast Live Oak in Southern California – Shannon Lynch, UC Riverside

Maple Leaf Scorch on Big Leaf Maple – 1964 to 2013– Bill Woodruff, USDA FS FHP

Pesticide Laws and Regulations

Pesticide Laws and Regulations Update – David Bakke, USDA FS


Thursday, November 21, 2013

New and Noteworthy

Overview of the 2013 Fire Season and Projections for the Future – Ken Pimlott, CAL FIRE

Fusarium Dieback and Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer: A Generalist Invasive Disease/Pest Complex Threatening Agricultural and Natural Landscapes in California – Akif Eskalen, UC Riverside

Sacramento Brown Marmorated Stink Bug – Jason Leathers, CDFA

Jeffrey Pine Needleminer: The Unknown Local – Beverly M. Bulaon, CFPC Insect Committee Secretary, USDA FS FHP

Swiss Needle Cast on the Pacific Coast – Dave Shaw, Oregon State University

Ongoing California Forest Health Issues

Goldspotted Oak Borer First Detection in Riverside County – Kim Corella, CFPC Southern California Committee Chairperson; CAL FIRE

The Latest Advances in GSOB (Spread, Management, Monitoring, Policy, and Outreach) – Kevin Turner, UC Riverside

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: An Update on Sudden Oak Death in California – Susan Frankel, CFPC At-Large Director; USDA FS PSW

Drought and Climate Change

From Drought to Death: The Ecohydrology and Physiology of Sudden Aspen Decline – Leander Anderegg, University of Washington

Post-Fire Aspen Seedling Establishment During an Intense Drought in the Southwest – Mary Lou Fairweather, USDA FS, AZ Zone FHP CFPC Business Meeting (including task force updates

CFPC Business Meeting – Bob Rynearson, CFPC Chair Person, W.M Beaty and Associates

Managing Water in Forest Landscapes: An Eco-Hydrologic Modeling Perspective – Christina (Naomi) Tague, UC Santa Barbara

Examples of Downscaling Climate Change Information to the Watershed Level – Lorraine Flint, USGS California Water Science Center

Fire Salvage: Race Against Time

– Eini Lowell, USDA FS, Pacific Northwest Research Station

Snag Longevity and Surface Fuel Accumulation Following Post-Fire Logging in a Ponderosa Pine Dominated Forest – Martin Ritchie, USDA FS PSW

An Approach to a Forest Service Fire Salvage Project:  An Examination of the Chip-Munk Fire Salvage Project – Maurice Huynh, USDA FS, Plumas National Forest

Fire Salvage and Restoration on Private Lands – Bob Rynearson, CFPC Chairperson; W. M. Beaty & Associates, Inc.

Threats to Wildlife

Bats – Fire and White Nose Syndrome – Paul Heady, Central Coast Bat Research Group

Chytrids and Frog Status – Emerging Infectious Amphibian Disease (Chytridiomycosis) – Silas Ellison, San Francisco State University

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