2009 Forest Insect and Disease Field Tour

The 2009 CFPC Insect and Disease Field Trip will be held Wednesday, July 29, on the Descanso Ranger District of the Cleveland National Forest.

CFPC Insect and Disease Trip Announcement and Hotel Information

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The field trip will prominantly feature the goldspotted oak borer, newly discovered in 2008 in Southern California, believed exotic, and associated with high mortality.
Also other pests and pathogens of our southernmost forested lands.

Topics for field discussion identified so far:

1)  Goldspotted Oak Borer: symptoms, damage, hosts

2)  Impacts the mortality has had and may have on the Cleveland NF

3)  Trapping studies : when and how far does GSOB move

4)  Do drought stress and diseases play roles in GSOB attack and mortality

5)  GSOB Firewood, trunk, and chip movement and utilization issues: solarization tests of firewood

6)  Other insects affecting oak twigs, leaves, bole

7)  History and ecology of oak stands in area / Oak management
8)  Regeneration of forests after recent fires

9)  California Flatheaded Borer damage in Jeffrey Pine

10) Annosus root disease in Jeffrey Pine

11) Leafy and  Dwarf mistletoes

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3 Responses to “2009 Forest Insect and Disease Field Tour”

  1. Susan Sims Says:

    We plan on attending:
    Gary, Susan, & Kevin Sims
    There is another who would like to go is attendance limited?

  2. Anne Fege Says:

    I plan to attend the July 29 meeting and field trip. Anne S. Fege, Ph.D., M.B.A., Botany Research Associate, San Diego Natural History Museum, and retired Forest Supervisor, Cleveland National Forest afege@aol.com 858-472-1293

  3. kcamilli Says:

    The attendance is not limited. Please feel free to bring the other person who is interested!

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