2008 Weed Tour

The 2008 Weed Tour is tentatively set for July 16-17 in the Eureka area.

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  1. Paul Ederer Says:

    There was no reciept for registration for the weed tour in my packet. Can I get one so I can be reimbursed by my employer?



  2. Matt Brown Says:

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to provide the ID code and the number of course hours for QAL Continuing Education. I am trying to fill out the renewal form. Thanks.

  3. Bill Morrison Says:

    2008 CFPC Weed Tour Continuing Education Course Numbers And Hours

    DAY 1 DPR Course ID; A-1130-08 Aerial Hours; 0.5, (Other) Hours; 5.5
    DAY 2 DPR Course ID; A-1131-08 Laws Hours; 0.5, (Other) Hours; 5.0

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