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29th Annual Forest Vegetation Management Conference

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Vegetation Management’s Role in Carbon Storage 

Agenda (PDF, 68 KB)


Carbon Management Issues and Prospects

Keynote: The Impacts of Vegetation Management on Carbon Sequestration (PDF, 4.6 MB)

Dr. Robert F. Powers, USDA Forest Service, PSW Research Station, Redding


Carbon Cycle and the Role of Forestry (PDF, 2.5 MB)

Dr. Dale Johnson, University of Nevada, Reno


Benefits of Biomass Power Generation as a Fossil Fuel Offset (PDF, 216 KB)

Dr. Greg Morris, Green Power Institute, Berkeley


Carbon Accounting Protocols for Forestry: A Review & Comparison (PDF, 69 KB)

Dr. Steve Mader, CH2M Hill, Portland, OR


Cumulative Effects Issues

Cumulative Effects Issues – CDFFP Perspective (PDF, 150 KB)

Bill Snyder, California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection, Sacramento


DPR’s Regulatory Program & CEQA Functional Equivalency (PDF, 71 KB)

Mark S. Rentz, Esq., California Department of Pesticide Regulation, Sacramento


Cumulative Effects Issues – A Forester Perspective (PDF, 1 MB)

Arne Hultgren, Roseburg Resources Co., Weed


Laws & Regulations

Pesticide Monitoring in Forest Streams (PDF, 2.2 MB)

Dr. Kean S. Goh, Environmental Program Manager, Surface Water Protection, California Department of Pesticide Regulation, Sacramento


US EPA/USFWS Red–Legged Frog Pesticide Consultation Status (PDF, 177 KB)

Scott Johnson, Wilbur-Ellis Company, Sacramento


Revisiting 2-4,D and Atrazine (PDF, 5.8 MB)

Bruce Kelpsas, Helena Chemical Company, Corvallis, OR